All In A Days Work

Many times out on a job i get asked what kinds of jobs do i do on any given day here in Branson. So i put together this montage of a few photos that i took on some of the jobs that i have done to show what kind of things i run into all the time that i am working on. I call it All in A days work. Each day working in Branson as a locksmith can mean many things from the standard lockout to having to take apart a car lock or more.


Just in this small photo montage you can see remote head keys being made for car, A door lock that was fixed down at the Landing that needed a custom part i had to order from the door manufacture, A door wrap plate i put on a condo door after taking off a large keypad lock that was used for nightly rentals,  A car ignition that was not working right and had to be fixed, Rekeying of a Kwikset lock on a new home owners front door, Using a special tool to open the door and make a new key for a Toyota, Cutting a High security key for a car.

Working as a locksmith in Branson involves a lot. From one job to the next it can be challenging but it has it rewords to like helping the many people i do each week that are stranded and locked out of their car, home or condo. I love what i do and love helping people and talking with them each day. This is just a small glimpse of what i do on any given day as a locksmith in Branson.