Branson Master Key System

Are you in need of a Branson master key system for your hotel or business? Branson Locksmith service we can do it.

What is a master key system?

A master key system is when we come out and change the locks so you have one master key that can open all the doors but also each door has its own keys that only opens that one door. For example lets say you have a hotel with 36 rooms that uses a key entry. We can set it up so all 36 rooms have a different key the one you give to the customer to get into just that room but then also you as the owner or manger can have a key that opens all the rooms with one key. This is great for maids so they have a key that opens all the rooms and for employes to get access to any room as needed but only giving your rented customer the single key that only works the one room they are staying in.


A Master key system can be also good for a large business that has many doors so the owner can have access to any door by only using one key. A master key system can be set up many ways offering flexibility on how it works.

In the photo above we are Mastering keying a small hotel to do this we need to remove all the locks and re pin them to a custom setting and using special master pins all based on the master key system we set up for your needs.We have master keyed Hotels, business and apartment complexes in and around the Branson area. We can also upgrade your locks to newer ones as needed or install new card swipe or keypad lock systems.

We do home and business door re-keying as well as Master key systems. Branson Locksmith service is your go to locksmith service for all your lock needs in the Branson MO area. Call us at (417) 257-4956